Some members like to divide Gaiaphage into "generations", or when the members joined. The most common way of dividing the generations is by large events, or the end of a certain time period. The most common Gaiaphage generations are divided into 5 current generations.

Generation 1Edit

The Beginning of Gaiaphage - The Incident The first generation of Gaiaphage is formed from the beginning of Gaiaphage through The Incident, or the day RulerOfTheFayz banned a large portion of our members. Famed members of this generation include KKHNDLR, ebknotts, RulerOfTheFayz, admin, Michael Grant, Jake Mates, Olivia331, Jiffers21, and many more.

Generation 2Edit

Post Incident - August 5th (Promotion Day 1) The second generation of Gaiaphage begins where the Incident left off, until the day that admin returned after a long vacation and

Generation 3Edit

After Promotion Day 1 - Gaiaphage One Year Anniversary Edit

The third generation of Gaiaphage begins after kuglertj