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highsierra701, also known as G, is a female Phager who usually goes on Gaiaphage. She is an awesome person and has 2 fan ficitons (Don't Botherand If Only You Knew ). She also has 2 art threads, one for Gone fan art and one for her other art. G is was formerly known as Sierra because other Phagers assumed her name was Sierra because of her screenname. But she will never give it out because her mommy is protective. G also has a blog titled Seven Of Diamonds which she prays people will visit. G joined Gaiaphage on October 14, 2011, and became a supermoof a couple of months after, making her feel strangely accomplished. She doesn't enjoy RPing because she has never entered one which was new, and finds just randomly jotting in, a bit odd.

She is the president of the Quana fan club (Quinn + Lana = <3), which is enemies with two other clubs, shipping Lana and other characters toegther. G is also president of the Wicked fan club, which has died down because not many people joined it.

G enjoys listening to music, in particular Ed Sheeran, Adele and One Direction. She is most likely one of the youngest super moofs on the site because she became one at the age of 12 (she is now 13). G also frquently changes her signature which advertises her different art, fan fiction and blog topics.

G is constantly bored with nothing eventful to do. These are the times when she is most active on GP. Prevously, she took a "hiatus" from GP for a few weeks and came back finding most of her friends had progressed into super moofs.

She wishes to go to New York University to study filmography and directing so she can become a successful director. One of her closest friends also has a GP account, but is inactive. G lives in the same country as another member, but they have never met before.

G is so bored, she has written all this. Boo yah.Picture 3