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Date of Join

September 20th 2010


Super Moof

A member by the rank of Supermoof (which means you've reached 2 thousand posts. Who, as of this date has been on for 8 months of her life)

Katri's early days on GaiaphageEdit

Katri was "born." on gaiaphage at September 20th 2010, at 4:52 PM. She started out using a little trollish

language, such as " lol u r the gr8-est!!!" but it got better in time (or when lys told her off about her grammar o-o) and started using correct grammar~

She started out her days easy going, and a bit ditzy about what was going on about the world of gaiaphage around her, but generally just chatted constantly.

Katri was introduced to gaiaphage by Ski (skidoodlepop), who is her bestest friend in real life.

Katri's RPGingEdit

Katri starting RPGing about a Month after she joined, Her first RP was Mist, and that didn't last very long. after she gotinto the habit of RPGing, she joined REGRET, and went up from there.

The ButterknifeEdit

The invention of the butterknife goes way back, back to december. Sunny had a weird stalker that was named tommyG, and Jelly (Jellyfishes) got all defensive with a spoon. Hence, Katri got defensive....with a butterknife. and has used it ever since. ^_^