Killed to Death

Being Killed to Death can or cannot be possible. The debate has gone on for fourteen and a half lifetimes. The members of Gaiaphage simply cannot decide whether or not it is possible. Here are the sides.


Pro-KtD Leader - ItsJustAFAYZ

The Pro-KtD members are also known as "Deathies", as they support the fact that one can be killed to such an extent, that they die. They are shunned by the Anti-KtD members, who have the laws of physics on their side.


Anti-KtD Leader - IOwnSarcasm

Anti-KtD members are also known as "Scientists" or "Assholes", as they know that it is impossible to be killed to death, as upon being killed, you die anyway, thus it's impossible to be killed not to death, and thus to death.