Silver joined at November 29,2010, 10:06 AM. She is Dutch, and that explains why her English fails.

She is in the top 5 of user who have the most posts.





Silver, but Max (ItsJustAFAYZ) has a lot of nicknames for her.

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November 29, 2010, 10:06PM

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Super Moofs, Registered users.


Silver is the biggest OneRepublic lover on Gaiaphage, and owns the OneRepublic Fanclub as well. They mean a lot to her, and doesn't accept any insults towards them.

Silver also likes pillows, and has an army of pillows, they'll hunt you down in your sleep if you make her mad. (Which will be a miracle, usually only happens if you keep insulting her friends, or OneRepublic)

She likes to RP, and usually only makes male characters, because her girls usually fail. She comes up with crazy ideas with her friends, and usually has a lot of fun doing so. Her favorite charrie is Jason (REGRET), who's part of the epic couple Jasalaya (JasonxHimalaya, Himalaya is Kim's charrie), and they both claim that they're part of the RPG history.